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Free Check Ups NO Insurance

Dr. Brower and Dr. Prosser are excited to be offering patients without dental insurance an amazing opportunity to receive dental care at no cost! Our program gives patients without dental insurance two check-ups and cleanings a year at no cost.  These are available at a 6 month interval. We have printed the details below.

  • The cost of the initial appointment that includes a check-up, cleaning, cavity detecting x-rays, and a fluoride treatment is $205. If further treatment is needed, patients are required to pay this amount the day of the appointment and this amount will be applied to further treatment. If no further treatment is needed, there is no charge.
  • To continue receiving the check-ups and cleanings at no cost, all restorative and periodontal treatment that is needed must be completed.
  • All patients at our office are required to reserve their initial appointment with a credit card.
  • We have 4 available appointments each week to accommodate this program, once those have been filled, we ask that you leave your name and number and we can call if we have a cancellation. If we have no cancellations that week and we are full, please call again on Monday for that week’s availabilities.
  • After all restorative work is complete, patients must schedule their next cleaning at no cost to reserve an appointment. This appointment cannot be canceled without 24 hour noticed or a broken missed appointment fee for the entire cost of the appointment will be charged.
  • Patients taking part in this program must take advantage of the two no cost appointments or we will dismiss them from the program.
  • Some patients may require more than two cleanings a year depending on periodontal conditions; if this is the case, two cleanings will be at no cost for the year and any other are the patient’s responsibility. Any additional cleanings must be completed in order to receive the two cleanings at no cost.
  • Treatment that must be completed to stay in this program includes: treatment of gum infections, cavities, broken teeth or fillings, extractions, and abscesses.
  • Due to limited availability in scheduling, we cannot accommodate everyone’s schedule. The most popular appointment times are booked out months in advanced, so we ask that patients are flexible and understanding.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss a patient from the program at any time.
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