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Please use this area to see photos of some of the transformations that we perform routinely in our office for our patients.  
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Video Gallery and Patient Testimonials

Here is Tori 2 years later talking about what a great job Dr. Josh Brower did for her. Listen to the delight in the voice of Gene's wife after seeing him with teeth for the first time in years. Start to finish in a day! Listen to Tori talk about traveling long distance to have Dr. Brower place her mini dental implants which she couldn't have done locally. Tori is also a very fearful patient and talks about how that was handled as well. Listen to Larry talk about his visit and dental implant work with Dr. Brower and their staff at Sioux Falls Dental Health.

Listen to this mom talk about her experience with Dr. Brower at She talks about braces for herself and her kids.

This patient had a very bad previous experience at the dentist and talks about how her experience with Dr. Brower using IV sedation for her tooth removal. She says it was wonderful, quick, and without pain during this appointment with Dr. Brower!

This video is of a patient who talks about having implants placed 4 years before to make his partial denture fit tight. His description includes if he had any pain after the procedure and is pretty humerous.

Patient describing her sinus lift, bone graft, and implant placement at the same appointment.

This video is of a patient who had OCO Biomedical micro implants placed. She amazingly says she had no pain. These were put in when the teeth were removed.

This is a video of a patient who just had a tooth removed and her OCO Biomedical implant placed at the same time. See her response to the procedure.

This is a live implant patient procedure where you see Dr. Brower making the implant the correct size for the patient's future crown. The implant had just been placed and the patient talks about the procedure and tells Dr. Brower to do another.

Listen to This patient discusses his experience with Dr. Brower and his staff.
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